About us

Garlo started its journey in 2004 to meet the needs of maintenance and repair companies of wind farms. Garlo provides truck mounted platforms from 45 to 112 meters with specialized operators.

We have the resources, experience, quality guarantee and geographical capacity dedicated to solutions and services for wind farm maintenance. Our main goal is to reduce costs for companies offering outsourcing services so our clients can focus exclusively on its “core business”, optimizing their Human Resources Policy.


Imagen9Being a leading specialist access company for high altitude by using truck mounted platforms , at competitive prices, for the maintenance of wind turbines in wind farms and industrial facilities, optimizing response time and resources of our clients, minimizing downtime of their facilities.



Being a leading specialist access company by using truck mounted platforms in any industry that requires technology services for work at height, at competitive prices, making available to the customer the most viable solutions, optimizing response time and resources to minimize downtime of their facilities.



Efficiency, flexibility and agility to adapt to the environment as much as possible and anticipate to the variability of working conditions.

Transparency towards the client, ensuring the best solutions to their needs, with proximity and collaboration.

Will to solve any difficulties come up along the way.

Integrity in the fulfillment of the agreement in relation to the customer, supplier and worker of GARLO.

Initiative and desire to excel, with curiosity and openness to future technology trends dynamics.


Org. Chart

Our team

Vicente García

Viveiro, 1980

Mining Engineer with intensification in Energy and Fuels, University of Vigo.


Mobile: +34 618 45 44 86

E-mail: vgarcia@grupogarlo.es

Marta García

Viveiro, 1968

Sales department.

Mobile: +34 695 22 01 50

E-mail: mgarcia@grupogarlo.es

Juan José Plaza

Oviedo, 1973

Industrial Engineer, University of Oviedo.

Department of Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety at work. 

Mobile: +34 660 18 35 70

E-mail: calidad@grupogarlo.es

Marta Fernández

Lugo, 1980

Business Administration, University of Santiago de Compostela.

Finance & Accounts department.

Phone: +34 982 26 54 96

E-mail: administracion@grupogarlo.es

José Miguel López

Viveiro, 1979

Economic and Business Administration, University of A Coruña.

Finance & Accounts department.

Mobile: +34 695 22 01 48

E-mail: administracion@grupogarlo.es




Judit Paleo

Viveiro, 1986

Civil Engineer, University of A Coruña and Graz University of Technology.

Technical Office - Production and logistics.

Mobile: +34 626 68 21 82

E-mail: jpaleo@grupogarlo.es

Sonia Josa

Ponferrada, 1973

Technical Office – Wind Farm Maintenance and Purchasing department.

Mobile: +34 626 31 06 03

E-mail: sonia@grupogarlo.es




Polígono Industrial O Ceao

Avda. Benigno Rivera 28, 27003 – Lugo (Spain)

Phone. +34 982 265 496  //  Fax. +34 982 204 329

E-mail: administracion@grupogarlo.es 



For truck mounted platform urgent enquiries, you may also contact:

Marta García

Mobile. +34 695 220 150

E-mail: mgarcia@grupogarlo.es